Welcome to Dk Tzari, Selkirk rex Longhair cattery.

2015, the Yade litter is sold next liter wil arrive in end of 2017, more info later

Happy christmas

I am a new TICA Selkirk rex breeder(first litter 2015) from Denmark.

I have had cats since 2004 and the Selkirk rex longhair since 2011. My cats are showcats and primary on show in TICA, hobbyshows and breed presentations. My cats are indoor cats and is only out in a leash. They are fed with Barf and canned food, they dont get kibble.

We are both home all the time so the kittens and cats get a lot of attention. I will only be making a few litters, so i wont be forced to sell my adults, or have to many cats, so they all can get the attention they deserve. My cats are my babys and stays with me.

The cattery have great health and low inbreeding as its priority. So i test for both HCM(ecco/scan), PKD, PF-def and a lot of other genetics diseases,so i know my breding cats are healthy.

I live near Stenstrup, Funen, Denmark

You can follow Tzari on Instagram and Facebook These will be updated with new pictures regularly

Hope you get answer on your questions if not please feel free to send me an email . Greetings Vivian